“Our son has ADD and for years had been struggling with school. His homework took entirely too long, and his grades were mediocre at best. His confidence at school was completely destroyed. As it applied to the entire school experience, both he and we were miserable. Three years ago, we hired Peak Academic Coaching to work with him weekly. Our tutor has been excellent when working with our son, and has a deep knowledge of all of the subject matter for all classes. Today, our son is a junior, is currently taking seven classes – four of which are honors, has a 3.96 GPA, and is looking forward to applying to colleges of his choice. Without question, both his and our lives have been significantly improved by involving Peak Academic Coaching.”

~ Andy Adams – Suwanee, GA

“I would highly recommend Peak Academic Coaching for all your tutoring needs. They have done an awesome job of matching the right tutor to my son’s needs. They have very experienced tutors in every subject matter. The tutors are very conscientious. They show up on time and ready to work each week. They really care about helping my child succeed.

Peak Academic Coaching tutors have made an incredible difference in the success my son has had in his toughest academic subjects, including Honors and AP classes. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and they know how to teach strategic study skills that result in a better understanding of the subject matter. This translates to better grades.

Peak Academic Coaching is so much more than tutoring. Through the PAC program, they teach your child the skills they need to organize themselves, manage their time, set goals and become independent so they are on top of their studies. No more tasking after my child! The result is better grades, a more independent student and happy parents.”

~ Dorothy Powell – Duluth, GA

“I would highly recommend Peak Academic Coaching. Not only did they offer the specific tutoring for academic subjects, they also helped organize and time manage my child’s homework and study load. The tutor they matched us with was a perfect match for our son. He was athletic and was able to connect with him and gain respect and a friendship. He was always on time and when we needed to make some changes to our schedule because of extra-curricular activities they were very helpful in trying to accommodate our needs as possible. I feel like they helped my son with more than just tutoring but learning a life style of studying and time management. It was always a pleasure having him in our home and I appreciated his dedication and commitment to my son’s academics. Thank you!! ”

~ Kelly Payne – Duluth, Ga

“As the mother of four children, two of whom were accepted recently to Georgia Tech, I can’t say enough about our years of experience with Peak Academic Coaching. My children had struggled with understanding certain subjects being taught at school. Their Peak Academic Coaching tutors took the time to frame the information in a way that was easy for them to understand and that translated into good grades.

I have found that sometimes having tutors who are able to motivate my younger children while taking the time to break subjects down to their level has been another key to their success. As a busy mom having someone else monitor and keep the kids on track has also been very helpful. Developing those good habits early translated into extremely motivated and successful students.

Our family has found Peak Academic Coaching helpful even throughout college. One of our boys began to struggle right before a college final. He called Josh and told him he was in over his head and needed help ASAP. Josh saved the day by arranging a competent tutor for the very next day. The tutor spent hours with our son who ended up making an A on his final.

We are very thankful that someone recommend Peak Academic Coaching to us years ago. It has helped our children not just become good students but excellent students who are in the top of their class.”

~ Kim Avery – Sugar Hill, GA

“Higher grades. A happier family and home environment (no more homework battles for this mom…well…almost none). A more confident and self-sufficient student. A phenomenal coach who is reliable, flexible and possesses a deep command of all subjects. I could write pages about these benefits and attributes associated with our Peak Academic Coaching coach and all of my positive feedback would be what you’d expect to be said. But perhaps what speaks loudest about the caliber of coach we were fortunate enough to get from day one is the fact that my son has gained far more than a tutor over the past 5 years. My son has gained a life mentor, a friend who celebrates the highs and “tough loves” through the academic challenges, a Chick-fil-A buddy, a fellow athlete to compare workout journals and protein bars with, and yes – even the occasional dating advice. Our coach truly gets how my son is wired up and he uses it all to successfully customize his approach each and every week. If only our coach could move to my son’s future college town after next year! THAT is how great our experience has been.”

~ Susan Conley – Duluth, GA

“Since the day that I met my Peak Academic Coaching tutor for my son, I knew it was a perfect match. Both the tutor and my son had so many things in common, and come to find out, the tutor had struggled with similar things that my son was struggling with when he was in school. Instantly I felt like the two of them created a bond that was more than “just a tutor.” At that point, I knew it would not be a struggle for my son to meet with someone weekly, which was great relief to me. My son needed help with math, and ultimately, learning to slow down and list out clear steps to help problem solve across many subject areas.

In addition to tutoring in math, our Peak Academic Coaching tutor helps my son map out a study plan for himself every week. He helps him make flash cards, review sheets, and provides additional problems for him to complete in those areas that he is weak. Every week the tutor gives me an update of how my son is doing and what he needs to improve upon for that week.

I cannot tell you how valuable this tutoring relationship has been for my son over the past four years. We have been so pleased with our tutor that we are now having him work with my son on prepping for the SAT. We have loved Peak Academic Coaching and I have recommended them to many of my good friends. As a mom who places a high value on education, Peak Academic Coaching definitely lives up to their name.”

~ Malia Mixon – Duluth, Ga.

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing this thank you note and recommendation for Josh Smith and the PAC coaches who are always there for our family by listening to & guiding us regarding our son’s education. My son has always been a good student; however, his organizational skills were not always good. He often took a long time to finish his homework & forgot to do things that were due. After we met Josh, he arranged the perfect coach for our son. The coach has encouraged and inspired our son by teaching him skills that have helped him become a more self-motivated, independent student. Josh and the coach truly care about what is going on with our son. My husband and I feel very comfortable talking with Josh and the PAC staff, and sharing our concerns about our son with them.

Our son is a 4th grader now. He has remained on the Dean’s list since working with PAC.

Thank you Josh and coaches for all of your hard work!”

~ Fumiko Hawkes – Duluth, Ga.

“My daughter has received tutoring from Peak Academic Coaching for two years. Peak Academic Coaching has helped her maintain an A in her Honors Chemistry class and math class. Class time in school is not sufficient to competently learn and interpret concepts. PAC helps bridge that gap, solidifying her comprehension. She gains confidence of her knowledge resulting in better preparation and test scores. Their tutors are reliable and knowledgeable. The convenience of in-home tutoring sessions is essential for busy families like ours. We are thankful for Peaks services and would highly recommend them to other families.”

~ Michelle Dickinson – Johns Creek, Ga.

“We have been using Peak Academic Coaching for the past two years for our two children. We have seen such a difference in how they plan out their week for academic studying. They have not only improved and sustained their high GPA, but are able to better prepare themselves an organize their time to succeed in their studies.”

~ Sonja Daye – Duluth, Ga.

“Peak Academic Coaching has been instrumental in my daughter’s organization and preparation for class work and tests this year. The tutors we have been in contact with usually work with us the entire school year. I can’t say enough about the ability to get the work done for school and also keep organized during the school year.
 Thank you!”

~ Tracey Tharp – Suwanee, Ga.

“Our children have benefited greatly through their work with Peak Academic Coaching. They spent several years working on how to manage their schedules and excel at school. Time well spent! Thank you Peak Academic Coaching!!”

~ Bob and Melanie Walton – Duluth, Ga.